Blood Money – The Dark Yorkshire Crime Thrillers (Book 4)

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Author: J M Dalgliesh
Narrator: Greg Patmore

A businessman found hanged. A tortured and mutilated loaner. High finance has never been so deadly…

DI Nathaniel Caslin is spiralling toward a professional crisis. His biggest case in years has collapsed amid accusations of police intimidation. A rebuilt reputation is now under scrutiny…

As the extremes of nationalist hate descends upon York a refugee is tortured to death while a straightforward case of a bankrupt’s suicide proves to be anything but simple. How does an enigmatic campaigner with a secret to keep link these two disparate worlds? Shining a light onto corporate finance draws Caslin to those who prefer to live in the shadows.

Making money, concealing wealth, protecting what you have… comes at a price. Your enemies – your friends – may find the true cost is underwritten in blood…

Dark, intense and suspenseful, Blood Money is the fourth thriller in the international bestselling Dark Yorkshire series from crime writer, J M Dalgliesh.

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