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“A cornucopia of spiritual insight and wisdom. Be prepared to go on an adventure of inspiration and awakening.” Jodine Turner, Author of The Hidden Abbey

Before she passes Orina gives Bennett a centuries-old journal and whispers something in his ear about “the crossing” and “the river.” Despite his father’s protests he sets off on a mountain road trip to fulfill her dying wish. Tanika goes along, to keep him grounded.

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From the author of the award-winning, Visionary Fiction Series, “Enter the Between” comes Margaret Duarte’s “Between Now and Forever.”

Medicate or nurture; reform or set free? These are quandaries rookie teacher Marjorie Veil faces when she takes on an after-school class for thirteen-year-olds labeled as troublemakers, unteachable, and hopeless. 

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Listener FAQs

You may have some questions about us and how Get FREE Audiobooks Club works.

How do I get my free audiobook on Get FREE Audiobooks Club?

Here's the Deal.

You can browse or search our selection of hundreds of audiobooks that are available at and choose up to one book each week*.

When you choose your book, we send you an download code.

You use this code at to download the audiobook for free (without having to sign up for their free trial—you can already be an Audible member and still get free books).

*One free book per week per household.
How do I redeem my promo code once the author sends it to me?

On the desktop site...

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the website and click Redeem a Promo Code.
  2. Enter your promo code in the space provided.
  3. Click Redeem.
  4. If entered successfully, the item you are redeeming will be added to your shopping cart.

Note:If you are trying to redeem a gift membership go to the Gift Center.

On the mobile site...

    1. Tap Menu followed by Enter a PromoCode under PROMOTION AND GIFTS.

promo code, promotional code, promo codes, where to enter promo code

    1. Enter your promo code in the space provided.
    2. Tap Redeem.

promo code, promotional code, promo codes, where to enter promo code

    1. If entered successfully, you will be transferred to a new page to claim the promotion.

Note:If you are trying to redeem a gift membership, please do so from the Gift Center on the Audible desktop website.

How many codes are available?

Audible provides authors with a limited number of promotional codes for their audiobooks.

Once the download codes have all been redeemed, the book is no longer displays "PROMO CODES AVAILABLE," but you can still get the book free by following the link to Audible/Amazon where you can sign up for a free trial membership (if you already don't have one).

My code won't work! What's up with that?

This can be for one of many reasons:

1. You are trying redeem one of these codes at a store other than the Audible US or UK store (must be 

2. You are trying to redeem a code for another book. Audible used to allow you to use any code for any book. Not anymore. The codes are specifically for the books requested.

3. The code was entered incorrectly. Best to copy and paste but beware of spaces before or after the code or missing characters at the beginning or the end.

If the code is still not working, you need to contact Audible support - we cannot assist with codes not working, only they can. Or you may ask the author directly.

I haven't received my promo code email! What should I do?

So far, 100% of the time the e-mails have been sent, but still some people don't receive the e-mail when and where expected. 95% of the time the problem is one of the following:

The e-mail went to the junk/spam folder. 
PLEASE check this. It is very common for these e-mails to be flagged as spam due to the "free" and "click to download" key terms. Gmail is especially notorious for sending any questionable e-mails to spam. So check your spam folder(s).
The author has been delayed in sending. The authors send the promo code emails to you directly. Sometimes they are busy writing their next novel or other life circumstances. 
We ask authors to respond within 24 hours but give it 48 and then contact us. We'll connect with the author and get you that code.
 A combination. Sometimes the delivery is delayed AND then the message is sent to spam! So try waiting and check spam.


Do I have to join this site or create an account?


We do need your e-mail address to send you the download code and monitor the number of your free downloads.

You don't need to enter a password or anything.

You do have the option to join our mailing list so that you can get informed about new releases and special offers.

Cool! So, um, how do I get my FREE audiobook promo code?

Browse the list of audiobooks either on the Home page or via the Audiobooks page.  Newly added titles are at the top.  You can search from the Home page, however you may find a more useful search facility on the Audiobooks page.  On desktop computer, the Audiobooks page search facility should be in a menu/widget column on the right. For mobile devices, you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the search utility.

When you see a title you’re interested in, click on the title to go to the audiobook’s dedicated page, where you can read more about the audiobook and click on a link to the audiobook at Amazon or Audible (which opens in a new tab) where you can listen to an audio sample and read reviews.

If you wish to request a title, submit the form at the bottom of an audiobook’s dedicated page.  Fill in your name, email address and what region you are in, and an email with those details will be sent to the person who listed the book on the site (usually the author or narrator), who should send you a promo or giveaway code within a day or two (often within a few hours).

Author FAQs

As an author, you may have some questions on how to best use GFA. Well ... we got answers!

How do I list an audiobook on Get FREE Audiobooks Club?

If you are the author, narrator, producer or publisher of an audiobook and you have been allocated promotional codes from Audible, you are invited to list the audiobook at by clicking on the Add an Audiobook menu item and submitting the form. 

We’ll code your submission in the correct format, then include your listing within 72 hours (usually within a day).  Each author, narrator or publisher is invited to list as many titles as they wish for free!

What are the benefits of giving away promo codes?

Promo codes can be given to reviewers or provided to audiobook review sites, bloggers, podcasters, magazines, etc. 

Audible provides 100 codes in each region and these codes can now only be redeemed for the audiobook for which they are allocated, many authors, narrators and publishers are seeing the benefit in distributing their codes to general audiobook listeners  – sometimes with the hope of gaining a review, and sometimes not. 

One obvious reason for this is that for many people (narrators under royalty share contracts with ACX, and author/producers with exclusive distribution contracts through ACX) there’s a direct financial benefit in that each redeemed code is counted as a “ALOP” unit on the participant’s ACX dashboard.  So that’s a huge incentive to distribute your ACX promo codes, particularly for titles that are not selling well! 

But many of our participants have noticed a flow-on effect of greater sales in their other audiobooks as well as the one/s listed at  We’re not sure why this is. Perhaps it’s because of improved visibility or better rankings on the redeemed books or some other unseen factor in Amazon/Audible algorithms for also-boughts or the like.  In any case, if you have unused promo codes languishing in your ACX dashboard, we invite you to try using them to get your audiobooks out into the marketplace working for you.

What happens when someone requests my audiobook?

As soon as someone clicks ‘Submit’ after filling in their name, email address and what region they’d like a code for, an email is sent to the person who listed the audiobook on GetFREEAudiobooks.Club (generally the author or narrator). 

This email will contain the name of the audiobook being requested, together with the name, address and promo code region of the person requesting the email. 

The information is presented in such a way that the reply email is already composed for you, and all you have to do is:

– click on Reply to automatically input the recipient’s name into the To field

– paste a promo code for the correct region into the pro-forma email

– delete the instructions at the top of the email down to the line indicated

personalize the email if you wish (eg, request a review, list other audiobooks or your website or a link to your Audible page)

– click on Send.

And don't forget to add them to your mailing list!

That’s all there is to it.  Your promo code will be emailed to the requester including instructions on how to redeem and a request that the code be redeemed within 48 hours.

How many requests can I expect?

Most of our general interest, wide-appeal fiction audiobooks with professional covers and durations of more than 3 hours, receive between 4 and 20 requests within the first week. 

With the first month, typical numbers range from 30 to 50.  In the first 3 weeks we’ve been running, we’ve had titles that have had no requests and titles that have had 46 requests.  We typically receive between 90 and 130 code requests per day across all books listed on the site.

How many codes am I allocated and how do I receive them?

Authors, narrators and audiobook publishers who produce an audiobook with an exclusive distribution deal through are initially allocated 25 US region promo codes and 25 UK region promo codes.  These can be viewed and downloaded via your ACX dashboard. 

Narrators who have worked under a Per Finished Hour (i.e. paid up front) on an exclusive distribution contract are also allocated promo codes, however they receive no royalty payment when these are redeemed.

Once at least 10 of the codes in a region have been redeemed, you may apply for another bundle of 25 codes for that region, up to a maximum of 100 codes per region.  When you request additional codes from ACX, they are usually generated within a few minutes, however it can take up to an hour before each new code is redeemable, so you may wish to hold off sending new promo codes for an hour, to ensure the requester can redeem the code as soon as they receive it.

Do I have to give away all my promo codes?

You don’t have to give away all your codes. 

You may wish to hold on to some to run a competition, or to have some on hand to give away in the future, or so you have some to give to reviewers or friends and family.  It’s up to you how many codes you wish to distribute.  When you no longer want to give away codes (or when you run out of codes for any region), contact us via the Contacts page to let us know, so that we can either modify your listing to highlight that only specific region codes remain or remove your listed audiobook from the site.

Do I have to give a code to every person who requests one?

It is our expectation that you will provide a promo code to each person who requests one through

The site’s purpose is to link those with promo codes to those who want them.  Once that introduction is made, (in the form of an email containing the details of each audiobook requester being sent the person who listed the audiobook on the site) it is up to the requester and the lister of the audiobook to take the relationship forward however they wish. provides no guarantee regarding whether or not a promo code will be supplied, how or when that code will be used, or whether an audiobook review will be provided in return, but it is our expectation that authors and narrators will act in good faith in using the service by providing codes to those who request them; and that requesters will act in good faith in requesting promo codes that they will redeem for audiobooks that they will listen to and that they will use the codes in a way that will break no laws (including copyright laws).

If you receive emailed requests for codes after you have run out of them, we ask that you send a courtesy email to the requester advising that all codes have been distributed.  You may choose to offer another audiobook instead for them to request, or leverage the connection in some other way to offer something else, but that is up to you. 

This situation will be less impactful if you let us know in a timely fashion via the contact page as soon as you have run out of codes in any region, so we can modify your listing accordingly.

What should I do if I run out of my 25 Audible/ACX codes for either region?

Each audiobook produced with an exclusive distribution deal through is initially allocated 25 US region promo codes and 25 UK region promo codes. 

Once at least 10 of the codes in a region have been redeemed, you may apply for another bundle of 25 codes for that region, up to a maximum of 100 codes per region. 

If you receive more than 25 promo code requests for a region and have not requested additional codes, log on to ACX and request additional codes for that region. 

The codes are usually generated within a few minutes, however it takes about an hour before they are able to be redeemed, so hold off sending the emails to requesters for about an hour.  Then they should be good to go. 

You only need to contact us to say you’ve run out of codes once you’ve either run out of all the codes you can be allocated (100 UK and 100 US region for Audible/ACX and 30 or 100 depending on your deal with Findaway Voices) or if you’ve distributed all the codes you want to give away at this time. 

If you have run out of all codes (or all the codes that you want to distribute at that time), then contact us via the contact page, so that we can either note that only codes in region X remain, or remove your listing altogether if you have no codes at all remaining.